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Jones Howard…Operations Management

Every year Walt Disney World also promotes a yearly marathon which attracts over 100,000 participants at all their theme parks. Coupled with the normal everyday crowd this can easily be a logistical nightmare. They ensure success by being proactive and planning up to 18 months in advance. Basically as soon as the marathon is over they immediately start to plan for the following year’s marathon. Sales and marketing alone requires a 6 month window to get to word out to the general public. Coordination also entails working with all theme parks, local state agency as well as organizers and sponsors of the event. The challenge as always is to ensure a safe and memorable experience for participants even when things might not be going well behind the scenes. Bruning, Karla, 2012, January 8) Behind the scenes of runDisney.

I never knew that Walt Disney World ever had a yearly marathon in the area; I assume with running the parks alone there was no real time for that. With everything else going on yes that has to me a nightmare trying to organize this event and others has to have some kind of unique preparations before the races even begin. There are runners from all 50 states and 60 other countries took part in a variety of Disney Marathon Weekend events, such as the Family Fiesta 5K, Kids Races and the Disney Half-Marathon in addition to the Disney Marathon. And once again more than 6,500 runners put themselves to the ultimate test - Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge - by running the half-marathon on Saturday and the marathon on Sunday. But this is Disney World and there is nothing that they can’t do when it comes to keeping customers blissful. Seeing how they maintain their daily activities throughout the theme parks will concur the admiration when it would come to a marathon. Good…...

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...n the past several years, Jones Electrical Distribution is profitable, but it is in the condition of cash shortage. With its 2007’s sales go up, Jones need borrow more money to help its rapid development. Then he got a maximum line of credit $350,000. With our analysis report, we help Jones to choose whether to take advantage of 2% trade discount, we can observe that Jones’credit line will be $318,000 without discount, not $387,000 with this 2% discount. Problems Statement Jones Electrical Distribution’s current condition is not only cash shortage but also under rapid sales grows’ effect. Why this profitable firm needs to increase its borrowing, what kinds of strategies Jones Electrical Distribution will choose, and what his estimate of the loan needs is. These are the problems we will talk about bellows. Data Analysis 1. According to the balance sheet and sources and uses statements (appendix 1), we can see that the line of credit payable increases every year, because Jones needs more and more funds to support the needs of working capital and invest to long-lived assets such as plant, property and equipment to support higher sales levels. We can see that Jones used its profits (changed in Net Worth), cash and short-term debt to support the needs of working capital and the increase of inventory (probably to support higher sales levels). The reduction in long-term debt is a use of funds because Jones is repaying a loan. The decrease of cash is a source of funds to......

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