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Jordan as Outsourcing

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Read all student Offshore Destinations briefings. As you do, fill out the chart on the next page, and answer the two questions on this page. 1. Based on reading all the briefings, what country should VW of NA choose as a destination for an outsourced IT help desk service? This should NOT be the country that you researched (e.g., it might actually be your second choice). Why did you conclude that this country is a desirable offshore destination for the IT help desk? Jordan offers all the essential elements that would be important to VW of NA’s outsourced IT help desk. The country is positioned to provide low labor costs, a qualified workforce, and a modern infrastructure. Cost effectiveness is particularly important to VW, and hourly labor expenses are only $1.50 in Jordan. Such an IT intensive function requires both communication skills and technical expertise. Jordan’s workforce is one of the most qualified and competitive in the region, benefiting from a high literacy rate and an understanding of the English language. The labor force benefits from one of the most prestigious university in the Arab world, located in Jordan, with an IT department considered the best in the Middle East. Infrastructure is modern and competitive in both the mobile and internet markets, as Jordan’s network readiness ranks only two below India. Jordan was recently ranked number nine in the Global Services Location Index, another indication that the country would be effective in providing IT services from abroad. The primary drawback of Jordan, as it relates to an IT help desk destination, is the lack of political stability. Specifically, Jordan is hindered by centuries of regional conflict, heavy dependence on international aid, and a small economy with high levels of unemployment. However, the government is very supportive of increasing the number of IT workers, internet...

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