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Air Jordan vs. King James

Basketball may be the greatest game there is. Michael Jordan and Lebron James may be the greatest basketball players that ever played the game. Both Lebron and Michael wore the number 23, they both were endorsed by Nike and they both helped build a franchise. But one player destroyed the team that he helped build. While Michael Jordan and LeBron James are considered icons of the game of basketball, only Jordan demonstrates true talent on how the game is played.
Michael Jordan has earned the nickname Air Jordan because of his leaping ability and awesome slam dunks that he made throughout his career and in the all-star game. Michael Jordan attended the University of North Carolina where he played basketball for the Tar Heels during his four years of college Jordan was able to win one NCAA National Championship in 1982. In 1984, during his senior year Jordan won the Naismith College Player of the Year. Which helped him set up for a great future in the NBA, in the draft that year Jordan was past up by two teams and was finally drafted third overall by the Chicago bulls. During his career span with the Bulls Jordan was able the help win six NBA Championships. The NBA Championship is the highest award a team can earn in the NBA it’s like the Super Bowl of the NFL. Jordan is also the only player in history to win all six NBA finals MVP that he has played in. Another fact about Jordan is he is the only player in any sport to play in the All-Star Game every year during his career, a record fourteen times. Over the span of his fourteen year career he was also awarded the MVP of the league five times. His final career numbers are very impressive with 30.1 points per game, 6.2 rebounds per game and 5.3 assist per game. Now this brings me to what fans and writers call the second coming of Michael Jordan the high school phenom LeBron James.

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...Running head: TEAM LEADERSHIP PAPER 1 TEAM LEADERSHIP PAPER DEMONTRATION OF LEADERSHIP TRAITS IN MANAGING A TEAM TEAM LEADERSHIP PAPER Abstract 2 This paper explores a team leader that I have researched in the past. Throughout the paper, I will be providing several key insights about how this particular leader manages a team that involves in working together to accomplish common tasks in a collaborative manner. Keywords: leadership, communication, purpose, strengths and weaknesses, unique process utilized, distinctive qualities, leadership styles, functional example, challenges, significant successes TEAM LEADERSHIP PAPER 3 DEMONTRATION OF LEADERSHIP TRAITS IN MANAGING A TEAM Michael Jordan, considered the greatest basketball players of all time, is worldly known for leading the Chicago Bulls to six world championships in the 1990s. A leader indeed, whose qualities stem from more than his skills as a basketball player. Michael Jordon is a leader due to his character as well as his accomplishments. A leader is the person who commands a group, organization, or country; a person followed by others. (",") Michael Jordan was the leader for The Chicago Bulls, a professional basketball team which possessed a great deal of strengths, as well as weaknesses. However, despite the flaws coupled with multiple challenges, the team had one thing in common and one goal to accomplish – winning championships. Winning championships was not an easy task...

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