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April Thomas
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Organizational Business
25 January 2015 Interesting approaches to teams and teamwork can be found in the workplace today and with organizations struggling to be flexible and responsive to a healthy work-life balance they have had to experiment with new information technologies. (Kreitner, Organizational Behavior pg. 316) This experimentation has led to virtual teams or physically dispersed task groups that conduct their business primarily through modern information technology and that exist outside normal channels of authority and communication. (Kreitner, Organizational Behavior pg.317) Virtual teams have become a product of modern times and Kilburg is demonstrating that he can still plan for the strategic growth of his company even by not being physically in the office, spending six weeks each summer in a beach house. With the information technologies such as the mobile internet, email, social media, and groupware he can be a member of his work team without really being there and still effectively manage. (Kreitner, Organizational Behavior pg. 317) As long as Kilburg’s employees feel properly supported by him then being out of the office can be redeeming in freeing up others to grow and develop on their own. If he has done his job then he has developed a motivated, passionate and responsible team that will produce whether or not he is there and in face to face contact with them. Kilburg feels as a competent boss that he has provided his employees with the proper tools, training and expectations to be part of a virtual team and continued to perform without him being there. Even though Kilburg is not in the office the advances in technology still allows for him to be part of the team and still work for the same common goal. He believes that being away from the office for six weeks of the year can allow him to create...

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