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Joseph Goebbels

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World War II was one of the most important historical periods of the Twentieth-Century. The causes, and consequences of the war helped historian understand the politics of the time as well as to observe the reactions from the different governments and citizens from all over the world. Though some historians recount the events from World War II from a general perspective and focus on the different military strategies and government policies, others discuss the individuals involved in the war and their influence on the causes and outcome of the war. Further on, historians tend to focus on the major leaders during the world: Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt and De Gaulle. Nevertheless, some historians have paid close attention to those around these great leaders and discussed their influence over them and their respective government policies. Before the beginning of World War II, Adolf Hitler guided the Nazi party into power in Germany during the 1930’s. Hitler did not led Germany into war on its own, but with the help of a few close associates one of them being Joseph Goebbels. As one of the main directors of the Nazi Propaganda in Germany and other parts of Europe, Joseph Goebbels led Germany’s internal affairs during the war especially during the completion of most of Hitler’s objectives during his leadership. It is difficult to imagine Germany’s actions during the war without looking a Goebbels. He definitely changed the outcome of World War II by implementing public enlightenment policies to drive Germans against the Jews and other minorities as well as to encourage the German population to fight the Allies. Goebbels involvement in the war as Hitler’s most intimate allies made him one of the most important figures during the war, especially when discussing domestic policy. He succeeded in convincing Germans to continue to support the German Armed Forces thus...

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