Joseph's Ethical Issues

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Joseph’s Ethical Issues 1

Joseph’s Ethical Issues

Joseph’s Ethical Issues 2
Identify the ethical and legal issues of which Albert needs to be aware.
The first ethical issue I see is that Albert and his wife, Mary, took advantage of the “players” in the large corporations. Albert and Mary would go to parties and get information from them after the “players” had a few alcohol drinks. Both started using this strategy and five months later their clients began to see significant profits in their portfolios. Another ethical issue I see is Albert’s uncle worked as a janitor which gave his access to many law offices that had information on a number of companies, especially those about to file for bankruptcy. Mary and Albert both were able to use this information provided by his uncle to benefit their clients’ portfolios. A third ethical issue is Mary used insider information from her father who worked for a major health care company. The management team was running the company into the ground. Mary found a company that was interested in doing a hostile takeover. Mary told several of her best clients, who in turn did very well on the stock. All of this increased her status with the firm that she worked for and kept drawing bigger clients.
The legal issue that I see is the e-mails Mary is receiving from some of the brokers. Some of the other brokers are sending e-mails with off-color jokes and even nude photos of men and women. E-mail is not private in the workplace. Employees own the company e-mail system and therefore are covered under law to monitoring rights. Employees should be aware that any e-mail they send or receive through their company e-mail account can be read by their employer. Mary was not opening some of the e-mails

Joseph’s Ethical Issues 3
but some of them she was forwarding…...

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