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lIn this course, I have three targets to achieve.
First, is the history of Psychology.
Next, is the knowledge of Psychology.
Last, is to know how Psychology affected and related to me and the social.

Talk about the study plan.
In this course, it just has 9 sections. Obviously, I think it is not enough time for me to achieve the above targets. So I need to have self-study.

In the first week (24/10 to 30/10), the course started, this is the first time that I study about Psychology. So I need to fully understand the meaning, the importance and the history of Psychology. In addition, study the behavior and neuroscience of Psychology. According to the syllabus, I need to study the state of consciousness and the nature and nurture of behavior. Moreover, it is better for me to pay attention to the behavior of the surrounding people because it is good for me to learn in the daily life.

In the second week (31/10 to 6/11), it is the time for me to hand in the assignment 1. In the lesson, we will study the sensation and perception.
I am interested in the sensation part, because it is very amazing. Also I have study it before (in Biology), so I was familiar in this part.

In the third week (7/11 to 13/11), I will have the presentation about our brain. In the presentation, I hope I can learn many through the discussion, information research, group work and the skills of presentation. Because when I grow up and work, it is very often to do the presentation so I need to practice more and very familiar of that.

In the fourth week (14/11 to 20/11), when I will have the lessons of development, the theory and the disorder I want to have a case study (such as the news). In the reality, there are many case about the Psychology disorder, even though I do not know any knowledge about this, but I have heard some news about the disorder.

In the fifth week (21/11 to...

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