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Journal Assignment

Part 1

When I complete my education, I want to be able to . . .

When I complete my education, I want to be able to be ready for my career. I want to be able to start my own business in the field of my choice. I want to be able to be self-sufficient and take care of my family based on my thriving business success. My education is a vital part in starting my business, which is why I have to make sure that I am successful and complete my studies on time. With my education I will have made all the necessary connections for me to start my business and it to be profitable.

I also want to be in the fortune 500, as one of the best. I also want to be able to purchase the basics house, car of my choice, and stocks.

Part 2

My purpose for being in school is my children, I have to be successful and complete my educational goals.

My purpose for being in school is myself, I am determined to complete school so that I can better myself in my personal life. I am motivated to complete school because without my degree I believe that I will not be successful in my life. This is a last alternative for me so I have to give it my all and make getting an education work for me in my life.

Based on your results of the CSFI, which dimensions have you explored this week?

I have explored my time management skills and I have made the necessary adjustments so that I am successful in school.

Explain how have you applied the information from the text to the dimensions you named in part a.

I have taken the time to evaluate how I spent my time; I have cut out a lot of my personal time so that I can devote that time to studying. By giving more time to study I will have a better understanding of the material and that will allow me to get good grades in my classes.…...

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