Journal Entry Ii and Iii Ch. 8 - 12

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HIST. 109

In chapter five I learn quite a few key points in history I was not aware of. For one it appears that much of early America and Europe are in turmoil as there are several distinct conflicts that arise; most based on difference of opinion or beliefs. “The political fate of North America also remained in question, as the English, the French, and the Indians continued to struggle for supremacy over the continent; developments during the half-century after 1700 intensified both social diversity and political uncertainty, resulting in an increasing incidence of violent conflict.” I feel young Americas early development was all over the place as all its settlers were trying to figure out what worked best for themselves. Everything from religion, difference in opinion on the subject of slavery, and enlightenment had early Americans at each other throats. Even though a centuries worth of settlement had elapsed, no one seemed to legitimately “settle”. I feel like early Americans were over zealous; everyone had their own idea of how things should work in the new land and no one could make up their mind or settle on one image. This is to be expected in my opinion as there were those still faithful to backcountry beliefs, English immigrants, who contradicted with non-English immigrants ideals.
It was that difference in beliefs that had drew cause for conflict and war. Britain tried to choke hold Americans into submission by deriving the many taxation acts that

would bind Americans to their parent country. However this ultimately backfired on Britain with the final push of seizing arms at Concord. This occurrence led to the beginning of the Revolution. I feel either Britain was stretching itself to thin, engaging itself in to many skirmishes worldwide for power, or they personally felt that engaging…...