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Journals and Scientific Documents

The purpose of journals and professional papers is to inform the public on a specific subject matter.
These writings relate directly to a broad spectrum dependent on the edition or publication specifics. Of professional papers, several types can provide a scope of information and credibility toward a purveyance of technical or detailed information. The structure is usually even flowing and organized with particular information segments set out about the constituency of the writing. These papers, intended for publication in special interest journals, enhance the writers research, writing, and documentation capabilities as some of the information, not being his/her own will need to be accredited as if it is not, than plagiarism will be extrapolated.
Journals, usually published by or for a particular subject matter or client, are detailed and accurate. There may be a UCLA journal, National Geographic Journal, or even a mechanic’s journal. The particulars of this, geared toward a particular audience and each entry, will usually comprise two titles sharing a general viewpoint for the nonprofessional and an entry specific title for the professional. The purpose of journals is to inform a group or individual of the credible elements related to a curriculum or scientific, professional, or academic scope. The writings or information in a journal may be composed of professional papers but the opposite is not the same. When a professional is composing a scientific paper, there are parameters that must be justified. The key elements of the paper are a relevant subject specific title, a reason, and description of the problem, and a review of the supporting and included literature. There is also reasoning and resources of which the writing is about, the outcome of the writing, dialogue directly related to purpose and instatement of the article and the ending of the article and inference of what it is supposed to suggest. The composure of this writing, usually directed at colleagues of a similar background may be oriented in professional collections for enhanced understanding. An appropriate article to support the upcoming project a document, describing the space variances associated with 2D and 3D, hardware information transfer devices (hits), was found. The proposed model has a stackable array that is comprised of anywhere from a triple array to a space limiting number that could be as extensive as k circuits high (Spatnekar and Zhou, 2008, pp. 18:3). This enablement so precedes the element of origination that circuits are single layered on a conductivity platform, thereby occupying more footprint space. The only consequence of allotting more height vs. more basal space is the current associated with running this transformation in the reduced footprint available through this method. To debase this increased current threshold there is a decreased amount of pins set for conductivity of terminal power. Issues relating to these stacked chips are the assignment of desired protocol and the orientation of task assignment. The previous method of transistor sequencing is sequential but originating basis on stacked methods raise a development principle that provokes programming reassignment. To efficiently regulate the balance of semi-conductor electrical component bias there needs to be a voltage regulator partitioned therein so that the balance of component usage can be integrated equally among the prioritized circuitry.


1) Spatnekar, S.S., Zhon, Y. (2008). Automated Module Assignment in Stacked-Vdd Designs for High-Efficiency Power Delivery. Retrieved April 29, 2009. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Library, B 7.2, 18:1 – 18:20. doi: 10.1145/1412587.1412591.

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