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Joy Ride

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Joy Ride

Joy Ride starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski is a mystery movie that is about a group of kids travelling across the country and pranking a lonely trucker over a CB radio. The trip starts because Lewis Thomas(Paul Walker) is going home for vacation and decides to pick up his high school sweetheart Venna(Leelee Sobieski) in Colorado on the way to New Jersey. He then gets a call from his mother and has to bail out his brother Fuller(Steve Zahn) from jail in Kansas and take him home. On the way to pick up Venna they stop to get gas and end up getting a CB radio and prank a trucker. They end up convincing the trucker that they are a girl named candy cane and that they want to meet in a motel room. Then the trucker gets there and it ends up being a random guy that ends up getting kidnapped. Then the sheriff comes and takes them to the hospital to show them what happened to him. He ended up having his jaw torn all the way off and was left on the side of the road. They end up being stalked throughout the movie and eventually make it to their house in New Jersey even though it has been really tough because he ended up escaping from the police and now their are two sequels. The composer for this film is Marco Beltrami. He has made scores for tons of movies for example two big name movies are 3:10 To Yuma (2007) and Scream (1996). I chose Joy Ride because I am interested in mystery thriller movies and it is not a big name movie which i like because then there are no spoilers that people might tell me. Marco Beltrami has been nominated for a lot of awards and has won only a few of them. For example he has been nominated for over 30 awards in all of the film awards and he has won 12 of those, most of which were at the ASCAP awards. Some of the awards that he has won are the top box office films for both The Wolverine and World War Z. The film itself has been nominated for few awards and has not won any of them. It was nominated for the most underrated movie in 2001 and lost to Memento. It was also nominated for best horror movie of the year and lost to The Others. The final award that it was nominated for but still lost was action films. It lost to the action movie Memento. It was not nominated for any other awards and I thought that it should have been. I also believe that it should have won best horror film because the story was really original and it had great acting. It was also a super intense movie because it was an action movie throughout the whole movie. JJ Abrams, the writer for the movie did a great job on making it intense throughout the movie because he made every scene have some kind of drama or it felt like rusty nail was watching them even though he was not even in the area. I thought that this movie was an amazing movie and nothing should be fixed. I thought that the ending was especially well written because they leave the movie open and leave the audience to have to think about what might happen next. I also thought that they should not have made a sequel because if they had made another ending then that would have summed up the movie well. I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because it would have been good to see what rusty nail looked like in the end. I would recommend this to a friend because of how the score has such a big impact on how the intensity of this movie would be.

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