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Joyce Carol Oates The Cruelest Sport

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When we sit down and think we realize that everything has its own history; from the evolution of the horse to the way humans communicate to each other. Back in the olden days, Romans had what was known to be gladiators; they would take prisoners and have them battle together in front of hundreds of people until one man was left standing. Does that sound familiar? Yes, it should sound like what Americans know to be as boxing and also to Joyce Carol Oates, “The Cruelest Sport”. “The Cruelest Sport” gives background of not only the dangers of boxing but also how the energy and momentum of this sport is what keeps these raging fans for more action. Oates does not write this paper to talk about the negative, but through it you can see that she too …show more content…
The most outstanding metaphor is in paragraph five when she compares boxing to be a ““vicious exploitation of maleness” (Oates 3) as on prostitution and pornography may be said to be a vicious exploitation of femaleness.” In other words, she is saying boxing is male “prostitution”. Oates means that in a sense that boxing brings people down, it allows to stop being who you are and live a different lifestyle for a moment; it is dangerous, but who can really stop them? Oates choice of words are also very strong; they do not hold back and it gives her essay a lot more emphasis on what she is trying to point of. For example, in paragraph four, when she states, ““boxing” is the art, but “fighting” is the passion.” (Oates 2) There is so much meaning behind that statement and Oates does that very well throughout her paper. Also describing her style, she uses a lot of advanced vocabulary, but that only proves that Oates is a well-developed …show more content…
The Cruelest Sport is just not about the dangers of boxing, but like many other sports it allows people to make something out of them such as Muhammed Ali. Joyce Carol Oates used her style, tone, structure, and allowed the usage of former boxers to give more credibility to her essay. To later come to the conclusion that boxing is not entirely cruel, although dangerous, it brings people

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