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Jp Morgan Case Study

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Business and Financial markets

“Case Study – J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.”

Student Name: Gangadharan Renganthan
Student Id : 1229047

Table of Contents Introduction: 2 History of J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.: 3 Key Moments in J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. History: 3 Current Problems: 4 Important of the Analysis: 6 Different Approaches to dealing with the problem: 7 A change in focus for banks: 7 A change in focus for regulators: 7 Financial Summary Indicators: 8 JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)-NYSE: 8 Recommendation: 9 Conclusion: 10 Reference: 10

Introduction: J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. is a financial company which is an American multinational banking corporation of securities, investments, financial, and retail. It is in the top ranking and it is world’s second largest banking in the assets. The main job of this banking is that they provide financial services for the assets. They have the assets of nearly $2,509 Trillion. They have the one of the largest hedge fund unit in the United States. They formed this hedge fund in the year of 2000. The hedge fund unit was formed at the period of the Chase Manhattan Corporation was merged with the J.P.Morgan & Co. In United States of America J.P.Morgan is one of the largest banks in the top four lists. The other top banks are Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
According to Bloomberg, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. is as largest as the Bank of America while comparing with the assets them holding with them. J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. is the 22nd oldest bank in the world in the Bank of Manhattan Company. According to the Forbs Magazine, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. was at the ranking of 13th previously, now it is in the 16th fortune position from the list of 500. And it is the public company which is based on a multiple ranking positions. In the composite ranking the Bank of...

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