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“Help, Help,” came the cries from the street. Molezone’s was just watching some news on Channel 6 when his ears perked up. “Could it be,” he asked himself… “Somebody please come save us!” Molezone’s eyes widened. The city was asking him for help! He needed to go save the citizens of Moletopia! He quickly scurried to the bedroom rummaging around the pile of normal clothes. He needed to find gis Molezone suit! “Honey, have you seen my suit,” asked Molezone breathless from the search. “MoleZone, you know your suit is in the fridge..How many times are you gonna ask me that question,” came a salty reply from the living room. MOlezone quicly went to the fridge and got his suit out, and carefully put it on. He hasn’t used this suit since the Great Battle, but now seemed like a good time to wear it. “I’ll be back soon Honey,” cried Molezone as he rushed out the door. “Whatever”. Molezone grabs his shield\sled from the garage and blows the dust away. He feels like the one-young superhero he used to be. The screams of the moles are echoing across the street, and Molezone hopped on his sled, and slid his way to the location of the sound. He quickly jumped off when he saw the Gigantasorous crushing the city underneath his gigantic feet. He thrust his hands forward, and quicly froze the feet. It had 544,021 feet, but Molezone was quick enough to freeze them all before they could destroy the city any more. Once again, the street filled with vires, but they were only screaming one name;...

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