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Judism and Helenism

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Judaism and Hellenism
Jews are people of Semitic origin tracing their habitats in Israel. They are said to have descended from the Israelite society of Judah and Israel. The historical and Biblical beings such as Abraham, Joseph, Sarah, Mary, Jacob, Rebecca, Rachael and Leah among others are said to form the Jewish ancestry. Religion and culture are among the aspects that have been used in the definition of a Jew. In general, in the current situation, a Jew can be defined by three main groups of concern. These include, those people who have found their birth place as being the Jewish land and family without concern that they follow the Jewish traditions or not, those that do not have any connection to the Jewish land and traditions in prior times but have resolved to convert to Judaism and those individuals that can trace their background in the Jewish lineage but they do not exercise strict matrilineal decency.
Judaism and Hellenistic culture The period when Greek culture was at its peak of spread is termed as the Hellenistic Period. The Jewish community formed a group that had this impact in place with a shift on some activities being carried out. Such included; social transformation that occurred amongst the Jewish societies in the world in language, culture and philosophy and the way of life. Hellenism began long time ago even during the reign of King Solomon when he resolved to employ Phoenician Architecture in association with the Syrian house plans in the construction of the temple in the pre-exilic times. King Ahaz as well had built an altar that was similar to the one that he had seen in Damascus. However, all this happened in the Old Testament times but there also came a time, usually referred to as the Temple Period when the Jewish integration in Hellenistic lifestyle was manifested in language,...

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