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1. How did the Girl Scouts change to meet the needs of Hispanic families? A) Training focused on how to address a Hispanic woman. B) Training focused on the importance of building a relationship. C) Brothers were encouraged to attend some events. D) Las Posadas, a Hispanic Christmas tradition that pays homage to Mary and Joseph's search for an inn, is being conducted by Girl Scout troops in some areas. E) all of the above

Answer: E Page: 157 Difficulty: easy

2. A segment of a larger culture whose members share distinguishing values and patterns of behavior is known as a(n) _____. A) market segment B) subculture C) ethnic group D) reference group E) subgroup

Answer: B Page: 158 Difficulty: moderate

3. Many companies develop special marketing mixes for a segment of a larger culture whose members share distinguishing values and patterns of behavior. These segments are known as _____. A) subsegments B) subgroups C) secondary markets D) subcultures E) reference groups

Answer: D Page: 158 Difficulty: moderate

4. The degree to which an individual behaves in a manner unique to a subculture depends on _____. A) the extent to which the individual identifies with that subculture B) how long the individual has been in this country C) the age of the individual D) the education of the individual E) the extent to which others in that subculture accept that individual

Answer: A Page: 158 Difficulty: moderate

5. Which of the following are bases for subcultures in the United States? A) ethnic groups B) religions C) geographic areas D)...

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