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HITCHCOCK – The Clear Falls High School varsity girls cross country team gave a nice season-opening statement about their plans for the 2015 campaign, following a strong performance at Dickinson High School’s Swamp Classic at Jack Brooks Park Friday morning.

In the Varsity Blue Division, the Lady Knights captured fourth place with 103 points. Rival Clear Lake cornered fifth with 142 points. Powerhouse Kingwood was tops with 45, College Park claimed runner-up honors with 84 and 22-6A foe Pearland Dawson nipped Clear Falls for third place with 101 points.

The Swamp Classic course was a two-loop challenge over flat terrain. From the starting line by a pavilion, runners headed north over open field for several hundred yards, eventually turning around and headed south along woods, before turning back north again. After the second trip, they reached the finish chute, close to the starting line.

It was a challenging course to say the least, certainly not one meant for PRs to take place.

With medals going to the Top-30 runners, The Lady Knights came home with plenty of medals. Pacing the squad was returning letterman Jennifer White, who was clocked with the strong 5K time of 20 minutes and 12 seconds.

The five-fastest times were all under 20 minutes. Winning the medalist championship was Pearland Dawson’s move-in from South Dakota, Abbie Harrelson. Harrelson, a junior, who competed at the 6A state championship last November, took top honors with the time of 19:21.

After White, the Lady Knights pack stayed pretty tight as Ashley Godfrey reached the chute in 20:25, good for 10th place. Olive Pertuit claimed 20th place in 21:01, followed by Sarah Godfrey in 21st at 21:05 and Emma Pertuit cornered 45th place at 22:32.

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