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2 Nov 2015
The most significant thing I’ve read does not come from a book, a magazine, or a blog. It comes from a hip-hop song. The song was made by a Canadian rapper, turned singer, named Aubrey Graham. He is well known as Drake in the music industry. The song I am referring to is called ‘Jungle.’ There is one lyric in particular that caught my attention and stuck with me. The lyric itself personally inspires me to be my best and encourages me to keep moving toward success. The song is fairly new. It was released in February of 2015, along with seventeen other songs, on Drake’s album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’ This is his fourth commercial released album. It was randomly available on iTunes on the thirteenth of February. The album has been very successful, as well as his others. The album debuted as number one on the Canadian Albums Chart and the Billboard 200. Because of ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,’ Drake became the first rapper to top Billboard’s Artist 100 chart. Jungle has the third most plays out of the whole album.
Drake has always been one of my favorite artists to listen to. I feel his music is more relatable than others. Jungle really grabbed ahold of my mind and wedged itself in there, continuously playing even when I’m not listening to the actual song. It loops the same part of the song over and over again when I’m in apposition of giving up. It is a rather emotional song though. The meaning of the song is said to be about him realizing he was down playing his feelings for a woman and their relationship, which led to their falling out. In my opinion, the one significant lyric, “the things I can’t change are the reasons you love me...” means his significant other loved him through his flaws even though he wanted to change himself for her. This stuck out to me like a banana in a berry bush. It made me realize the main reason most of my

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relationships ended. That exact reason was, I was changing the things they loved about me to make them love me and actually turning myself into things they hated. In the end, this specific lyric has opened my eyes to different thought processes in all kinds of situations. Listening to this song has calmed me down when I get anxious stirs in my stomach. It helps the most when I am self-conscious about how I look. I have this written on my mirror in my bedroom. I put it on my mirror because this is where I judge myself the most. The purpose of the lyric being there is to remind myself that I am loved through my flaws and all. This lyric alone has inspired me to evaluate the changes I’m making in my life and with my lifestyle. It also motivates me to love myself as I am and to try to accept the small things I cannot change.

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