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Junk Food

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Junk Food and it’s Affect on Health
Melissa, who is an employee at a retirement facility has just graduated from college and wants to make some changes in her life. She just got a new job in her field as a Medical Assistant. Now that she has finished school her next goal was to lose weight. Melissa weighed 230 lbs. and she didn’t have any health issues, but lately she was feeling tired, having headaches, and have been stressed out. So she decided to join a gym membership because she felt like she had no motivation working out at home. She went to the gym five days a week for two weeks, but then it started going down to two or three times a week. She wasn’t eating strictly clean but started eating healthier foods. She did lose about 5 lbs. in two weeks, but then she stopped working out and continued binge eating and gained more than 5 lbs. during that time. So I tried to encourage her by going back to the gym and also preparing her meals for the week. I also told her instead of binge eating when she get stressed to go walking instead. I tried everything I could to help her lose the weight. I told her that she would feel a change in her body if she ate right and left the sugar and fatty foods alone. Many people don’t realize how harmful junk food can be to their body along with lack of exercise. Setting a goal to get rid of junk food and eating healthier can sometimes be very hard to do. We are either in a rush to stop by a fast food restaurant or going to the vending machine when we’re hungry, instead of prepacking lunch and healthy snacks. It’s easy to say that you are going to change your eating habits, but doing it takes will power and consistency. The purpose of this proposal is to explain the importance in ways that junk food can affect the body and health issues that it causes, and...

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