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Junk Sicience

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When research is conducted many factors can influence the results of the study, but sometimes those factors are altered to give a positive or negative appearance to the results depending of what the researcher wants to accomplish, this is known as junk science. According to Dan Agin author of the book Junk Science: how politicians, corporations, and other hucksters betray us; he defines junk science as "extensively corrupted science, science corrupted in objectivity and/or method, the corruption either deliberate or involving sloppy methods or due to ignorance of what science is about, the outcome useless conclusions that makes false statements about the natural world." (Agin, (2006), pg.4)
Junk science is used when the research has been done inadequately; the researcher did not dedicate the time to really investigate the true causes or factors that are involved on the research topic. At the end of the research due to poor technique, the data results and conclusions are invalid, inaccurate and cannot be confirm. On the other hand junk science is used on unethical way with the purpose of taking advantage of circumstances in order to support personal, business or political ideas that will benefit to the party that is conducting the research.
Junk science can affect decision making on different aspects; on media junk science is used to create shocking headlines leading more people who are attract to the topic see or read about it and at the end these will drive higher ratings that will translate more profits for advertisers. Personal injury lawyers, use junk science when they need to consolidate in favor of their client so they can receive high compensation from a law suit. Social and political activist use junk science to favor their opinions and accomplish their goals on their political views. Government regulators can use junk science, to favor their opinions...

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