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Jun Lei, CEO of Xiao Mi mobile phone company

The introduction of Jun Lei.
Jun Lei is a Chinese businessman who is known for founding Xiaomi Inc, one of China's largest technology companies. He is often called the 'Steve Jobs' of China for making several world changing companies and revolutionising multiple industries.
Lei's net worth is estimated to be 35 billion US dollars since he owns 77.8% of Xiaomi, which is a $45 billion company. In 2011, Lei was ranked 201 on Forbes list of China’s 400 Richest. In 2014, he was named Businessman of the Year by Forbes.

The background of Xiaomi Inc.

Millet Technology (full name millet technology limited liability company) set up by the former companies such as Google, Microsoft, Jinshan top players, is a focus on iphone, android, and a new generation of smart phone software development company hot mobile Internet business operations. Officially launched in April 2010, has been well-known angel investors and venture capital Morningside, the Qiming huge investment. The end of 2010, mobile phone real name Community meters chat launched within six months exceeded 300 million registered users. In addition, millet company also introduced the CM-based custom mobile operating system MIUI Android dual-core mobile phone millet phone. M chat, miui, millet phone is the the millet technology of three core products.

The sucessful secrets of Xiao Mi.
There are four factors which make the Xiao Mi successfully.

a. The product image is the basis of the success of millet.
Firstly, it iminates iphone from Apple Inc. Jun Lei has more than once declared that he is a fan of Steve Jobs. In the form of product launches, even his dress are seeking to imitate Apple's product launch which creates a hot topic to attract customers’ eyes.

Secondly, it use the correct positioning and segmentation strategies. Millet phone is positioned as Internet…...

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