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Juno Gender Roles

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Juno-Gender roles In Jason Reitman’s film Juno, Bleaker, who plays Juno’s love interest, undermines traditional gender roles of masculinity in that he fails to call the shots in relation to his inability to assert his opinion when being confronted with life changing news. Instead of taking on the manly traits in decision making which include taking initiative and controlling the conversations, throughout the movie, one sees how Bleaker is unsure in pressured situations and fails to make his opinion apparent. A specific time when Bleaker shows this is when Juno goes over to his house to confirm that she is in fact pregnant with his child. Juno is in a predicament where she is not quite sure what the right thing to do is and informs Bleaker, deep down hoping that he would offer a sense of guidance and stability and is in a sense let down by Bleaker’s lack of insight. When it comes to traditional gender roles of masculinity, when the guy is confronted with this type of news, he would then take a firm stand on what he thinks should be done whether it being to keep the child, to terminate the pregnancy, etc… In Bleaker’s case, he is taken back at the confirmation and instead of asserting his opinion, he instead turns to Juno for guidance and asks of her what should be done. In addition to not taking a stance, the way in which Bleaker responds is presented in an unsure, timid tone of voice. With every short word that comes out of his mouth there is an underlying quiver and nervousness. The viewer can tell that he does not know how to handle the situation and it becomes apparent that he undermines traditional gender roles. On top of having a weak and indecisive response, bleaker does not sound like that of a man who exudes masculinity. Most men would have a deep, confident, and almost rigid tone of voice to make their significant other feel like they are in charge and...

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