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G141/COM1002 Section 02 Introduction to Communication - 2015 Spring Quarter
Movie Analysis – Juno
By: Hope Schabel Juno is a movie that came out in 2007 written by Diablo Cody, and directed by Jason Reitman. Juno is based on a young girl who gets pregnant at sixteen years old and has to make some hard decisions about how to proceed regarding her unexpected pregnancy. Juno first goes to an abortion clinic but then decides to have her baby and put the baby up for adoption because she realizes she is too young for the responsibility of taking care of a baby. Juno goes to the baby’s father, Paulie, to tell him she is pregnant and see how he feels about giving the baby up. Paulie agrees with Juno. The rest of the movie takes us through Juno’s experience finding an adoptive family, her pregnancy, the internal battles she is facing with finding the right family, having to give her baby up, and trying to maneuver through an adult situation being only a teenager and understand it all. In the end Juno does give the baby up for adoption and even though difficult she begins to learn to move on and live her life again as a teenager knowing her baby is in the very capable, loving hands of Vanessa, the adoptive mother. During the course of this communication analysis paper the two key comminution elements of Juno that will be focused on will be, the exchange theory (cost/reward) and artifacts. Juno is an excellent movie that can teach us how important it is to have good communication skills, which can help us navigate through life during some of the toughest times. The first communication element I will be discussing is the exchange theory (cost/reward). One scene where the exchange theory can be recognized is when Juno is at the abortion clinic filling out papers to have an abortion. She was met before entering by a friend from school who told her the baby had fingernails and I think that is the first time Juno really realized she was carrying a human being inside of her. Juno has to make a decision at this point will she abort the baby and possibly forever feel guilty and bad about her decision (which would be a cost for her action), or would she give the baby up for adoption to someone who will love, care for, and want the baby (which is a reward knowing she would be giving her and Paulie’s baby a good and happy life)? Juno decided to not abort and instead give the baby up for adoption, which I feel made her feel a lot better about her situation. Another scene in the movie where the exchange theory can be seen is the scene where Juno contemplates what to do now that Vanessa and Mark are splitting up. Juno had a picture in her mind of the type of family she wanted her baby to be adopted by and now that her picture is destroyed by the break of Vanessa and Mark she must decide whether the cost of Mark no longer being with Vanessa is worth having to start all over trying to find adoptive parents or whether the reward of Vanessa loving this baby and raising it by herself is reward enough. Juno decided that the rewards of allowing Vanessa to still adopt her baby are much greater than the cost of not having Mark be there to raise the baby with Vanessa. The second communication element I will be discussing is in the nonverbal communication category, artifact. The use of artifact nonverbal communication can be seen throughout the movie is many areas but I will only be choosing two. One scene where you can see the use of artifact communication strongly is when Vanessa the potential adoptive mother for Juno’s baby is going through her house trying to make it look perfect to give Juno the impression that she, Mark, and their home would be a good and suitable choice for Juno’s baby to be adopted out to. The one artifact in Vanessa and Marks home, however; that stands out to Juno is Marks guitar. Without any verbal communication being done Juno knows just from seeing that guitar that Mark has a love for music and that she has something in common with Mark. This artifact I believe is what really sold Juno the most for being strong candidates for adopting her baby. Finding common ground and similar interests naturally brings people closer to one another. Another scene where artifacts are strongly used as a means of nonverbal communication is when Juno brings the chair and other furnishings over to Paulie’s house when she is telling him she is pregnant. To Juno that chair represented the act between her and Paulie where her whole journey began. The chair was used throughout the movie beginning to end. Juno know what a chair represented to her and I think she hoped that Paulie would also recognize the meaning behind the significance of the chair. The chair was their beginning to their story and also the end to their story while at the same time a chair was also a new beginning for Vanessa. I think the movie Juno demonstrated very well how it is important to weigh the value of the relationships we hold with others to make sure those relationships are in our best interest. Juno shows how important it was to Juno that her baby has a happy, healthy home with people who truly wanted the baby and would love that baby. Juno found out through cost/reward that the relationship with Vanessa was of greater value to her and her baby then the relationship with the Mark. Juno also did an excellent job incorporating artifacts and showing how certain things can be of great importance to communicate something to others without actually speaking those words. Life is full of nonverbal communication and the movie Juno presents the artifacts such as the chairs as a means of communicating that. Juno knew that although others may not get the significance of the chairs Paulie (Bleeker) would know exactly what those artifacts represented. Paying attention to all forms of communication in life helps give us a more complete understanding of everything in life. No one communication holds more importance than another, all being vital and hold great value.


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