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Junot Diaz's How To Date A Brown Girl

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What are you looking for in a relationship? In not just a variety of studies, it seems that men and women differ towards wanting a relationship with the opposite sex. The stereotype about relationships is that every girl wants to be in a one, but guys just want to get laid. In the story of How to Date a Brown Girl, by Junot Diaz, describes how a boy and how he judges each girl by race and their willingness to give it up. The guy's mindset is different from the girl’s mindset about being with a special someone. Racism and subjecting a whole group, like gender, has clouded people’s judgment on others before they even get to know and understand them. Everyone grows up differently with different family backgrounds and wealth. No matter what race, religion, poor or rich background we come from, we are all human and we want to be treated the same. All people might be categorized by race but everybody has based their opinions on their own experiences. …show more content…
America is so diverse it is impossible to mingle with friends outside your own race. That being said, it is hard not to learn other peoples’ culture when they are your neighbors. America was founded on Racism and create stereotypes for almost every culture. White people in this society are looked as superior to closed-minded relationships. Within those cultural groups, there are different stereotypes about each gender. According to Junot Diaz, he describes each girl who has a different race is different from the others. Some will give it up while others are on the more prude side. The same stereotypes can be said about guys. All guys cheat or they just want to get laid. These negative perceptions divide America by implementing superficial thoughts about why nobody wants to intermingle or avoid other

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...Junot Diaz’s Drown short stories exemplify the struggles of a Dominican Republic immigrant in the United States to achieve the American Dream, the concept of racism and the idea of hyper masculinity pushed upon a young boy growing up. Moreno, Marisel. Debunking Myths, Destabilizing Identities: A Reading of Junot Diaz’s "How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie." Fall2007, Vol. 26 Issue 2. This article is presented with an essay which analyzes the short story "How to Date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl, or Halfie," by Junot Diaz. It reflects on racial ethics and how one generation can affect another by embedding in our psyche that racism is the fault of our ancestors; as it is something that has been handed down from generation to generation. I chose this article because the racism that the characters faced within Drown is quite similar to the ones faced by immigrants in the United States. There is a racial and ethnic tension among blacks and Hispanics which in some cases turns violent. Examples of this can be found in the short story that gives the name to the novel: Yunior´s mother relates to him of the attacks of African Americans on Hispanics in their neighborhood. Oulahan, Cain W. “The American dream deferred: family separation and immigrant visa adjudications at U.S. consulates abroad”. Marquette Law Review. Summer2011, Vol. 94 Issue 4, p1351-1379. 29p This article......

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...causes men to lose respect for them. Women are seen as sexualized beings that cause feelings of fantasy and desire, which is also shown in all aspects of media. For years, women have been trying to escape these secular images, but as long as men have an imagination they will never go away. And although, “How to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl, or halfie)” by Junot Diaz was meant to be a humorous story, it was degrading and demeaning towards women of all races. He proves the point of men only sexualizing women by saying, “A local girl may have hips and a thick ass but she won’t be quick about letting you touch” (3). This sows that most men, not all, only have one motive when they are out seeking women, and that is whether or not she will sleep with him anytime soon. And that when they look for women they are seeking certain body types, facial features, gender, whatever pleases them, they are basically shopping for women. This is also really dangerous because this is what drives predators and rapists to attack the women they do. When they see a woman they like, it seems that they have no control over themselves after that. Diaz’s story proves a great example on how the man sees a woman when it comes to sizing them up. In his story he writes that “If she’s a whitegirl you know you’ll at least get a hand job “(1)....

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