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A very good morning to One and all present here. my names is ria Agarwal, and im here to tell you about the story of my life.

It was a Stormy Thunderous Night. The gods were having a very important meeting. They wanted to do something really different and unique. So they decided to send this baby girl on earth. And there I was. A small chubby baby. My parents were really happy to know that they got a baby girl. They named me Ria. I was a really cute baby with curly hair. Till I was 3, I hardly spoke. My parents got really worried as they thought I couldn’t speak. So they went to tirupathi and put this copper plate with a tongue printed on it in a hundi. And apparently I started talking a lot after that. Now I talk so much that dad says that he wants to get it back.
I was a really naughty baby, who wanted to eat everything possible. From toys to mud to veggies. I was the biggest drama queen ever. Ok now lets move onto my school days.
I loved school. Everything about it. The school van, the ground, the canteen, the sports room and most importantly My friends. I made some of the best friends in school. We used to have soo much fun! From eating during class hours and getting thrown out. To taking part in all the sports events in school, which reminds me, I was the caption of the school football and throwball team. In 8th, I had the best class teacher every. She loved me. So she made me the prefect in 9th. Everyone was shocked. Including my father. I was on cloud 9. Like who wouldn’t be. The girl who was Caught for everything possible like not tucking her shirt, putting kajal, shoes not polished, and a lot more, was now catching others who did that. It was the best felling ever. But I still didn’t follow the rules. So they took the post away from me In 10.
That’s ok, I still enjoyed that 1 year.

Now lets talk about my college life. Everyone says that school life is much better than college life, but I wouldn’t agree with that. I enjoyed college much much more. I had a crazy class. Full of fun people.
Everyone was soo interesting. We had this big group in class. We always used have so much fun. In college, I got into the commerce forum. And that was the best thing ever. Conducting events, fests, chilling in the fest room, every bit of it was a memorable one. My puc life was the best till now. Every bit of it.

Ok now im just going to talk about me in general. My friends think im a lot like Phebe from friends. Which I don’t think is true. I love dogs. I have 3 at home. A cockerspanial, a begal and a goldernreteiver. They are too cute. I love eating, sleeping and listening to music. In short, Eat, sleep, rave repeat is my thing. When it comes to food, I love Chinese and Italian. Oh and of course the Street food. Basically just food!
I have always been into sports and a lot of adventure activates. I have done 3 high altitude treks in the Himalayas. That’s something I love doing. Coming to my career objectives, I was to make my career in Car caring. I already took part in my first race last December. I navigated for my father. And that is once day I can never forget in my life. My father means everything to me. I have his little princess. I have an elder brother. His name is karan. He is the most evil brother ever. but I know he loves me a lot.
And something I really believe is in ‘ Everything that happens, happens for a reason ‘. You might not understand why it happened right now, but when the right time come, everything will fall In place. So take it easy.

Thank you

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