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BUSC 440

IMPORTANT NOTE: Look ahead to the final assignment/project for the course due in Week 6 and get started on it early! You should work on the project weekly even though you don’t have to submit weekly assignments for the project. Some weeks in the course have only one written assignment to give you additional time to work on the project due in Week 6; please use this time wisely.

Week 1 Assignments

NOTE: The reading and viewing materials can be found in the LibGuide on Blackboard for this course.

Read each of the following articles.

* The Evolution and future of logistics and supply chain management - Ballou, Ronald.
European Business Review19. 4 (2007): 332-348 DOI 10.1108/09555340710760152

* Logistics and supply chain management applications within a global context: An overview - Schoenherr, Tobias Journal of Business Logistics30. 2 (2009): 1-VII

* Strategic supply chain management: Improving performance through a culture of competitiveness and knowledge development - Hult, G. Tomas M.; Ketchen, David J.; Arrfelt, Mathias Strategic Management Journal, Oct2007, Vol. 28 Issue 10, p1035-1052

* Supply chain management and its relationship to logistics, marketing, production, and operations management - Mentzer, John T; Stank, Theodore P; Esper, Terry L. Journal of Business Logistics29. 1 (2008): 31-VII

* Supply chain management and retailing. - Sparks, Leigh Supply Chain Forum: International Journal. 2010, Vol. 11 Issue 4, p4-12.

View each of the following:

* Video –Supply Chain Management, (Libguide, Steaming Videos Tab) * Video –What is Supply Chain Management, (Libguide, Steaming Videos Tab)

The written assignment for this week is found on the next page.

Assignment 1.1: Due Fifth Day of the Week (Midnight CST) (100 Points)

Post the following directly in the...

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