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Justice for Mary

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Dawn Willock
CRIM 101
Justice for Mary/Current Event Paper
Ivy Tech Community College
Willie Whitfield
November 5, 2012

Sean Janas, a twenty year old woman from Wausau, Wisconsin, was charged with felony mistreatment of animals, giving poison to the animal, a misdemeanor and obstruction. The Associated Press reported that “Janas kept a diary with entries describing her intense hatred for Mary…the diary also detailed the abuse Janas inflicted on the dog.” Prosecutors confirmed that Janas kept a diary with disturbing rituals she inflicted on Mary describing months of abuse. Mary was Janas’ boyfriend’s dog, a four year old German Shepherd/Labrador mix. She is charged with poisoning the dog with Draino, bleach, and pills then finally slitting Mary’s neck. Mary was found bleeding from the head and vomiting blood while wandering around a nearby neighborhood and was taken to the local Veterinarian’s office where she later died. Janas faces more than five years in prison and $30,000 in fines if she is convicted on all of the aforementioned charges. Circuit Judge, Michael Moran, orders Janas to stay away from all animals with no direct contact while her case is pending. After her arrest on October 23, 2012, and circuit court where she is charged, a preliminary hearing was scheduled for October 31, 2012; where she was ordered to stand trial for killing Mary, her boyfriend’s dog. After waiving her right to a preliminary hearing she is scheduled to enter pleas at her next court hearing where a trial date may be set. Sean Janas’ next court appearance is November 12, 2012 and until then she remains in the Marathon County Jail. On October 31, at Janas’ preliminary hearing, hundreds of people showed up to show respect for Mary and to also make a stand against such a heinous crime against an innocent animal who cannot take up for his or herself. This case has triggered a local and national outrage. There was even a link posted to Facebook which created a petition with over 50,000 signatures sent to Marathon County Circuit Judge Greg Grau and the District Attorney in hopes of encouraging the maximum penalty in this and future animal cruelty cases. One of the demonstrators, who brought her own dog to the preliminary hearing stated, “We don’t have tough enough laws that protect animals, and I believe vets should have to report any suspected abuse, just like they would in a child.” If (Janas) killed man’s best friend, she should get the maximum penalty possible. If the abuse had been reported, I have to wonder if that dog could have been saved” (Kelli Obremski). Cases like this are intolerable and personally infuriate me. I agree with the above statement regarding Veterinarian’s reporting suspected abuse; I feel they should be given the proper authority to do so. I have worked for a few Veterinarians and it is considered highly unethical to confront an animal’s owner in any decisions they make regarding their care, including euthanizing a healthy animal. We have to investigate further the penalties now given for felony animal abuse and consider the animal a helpless and innocent victim and not as “just a dog”. Statistics also have shown that most psychopaths started killing animals in their adolescent years.

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