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She looked out the window, tracing her slim fingers along the rain droplets that has continuously fall since morning. She wished she could feel the texture of the droplets on her fingers, but she could only admire them as the window separated them. “What are you thinking about, Myeongeun?” As soon as she heard his voice, she smiled.

“Nothing - I just thought the rain droplets are pretty,” there’s a hint of wanting, begging, in her voice. Taehyung understood what she wanted immediately, and sighed. “You’re asking for the impossible, Myeongeun.”

Her heart dropped a little as ‘impossible’ rolled off his tongue. She nod slowly, twice, and gazed at the park which seemed gloomy, as it was drenched. A sigh escaped her small, pouty lips. Taehyung heard her almost inaudible sigh and kissed her left shoulder a few times, trying to distract her from whatever she was thinking about at the moment. His arms circled her waist before bringing her body close to his. Her back touched his chest, the contact made Myeongeun smile a little. “Taehyung…”

Taehyung simply put his chin on her shoulder. “Do you want pasta for dinner? I found a new recipe for the carbonara sauce, thought we could give it a try,” Myeongeun tilted her head and laid it over her fiancé’s. “Don’t you think it’s a little early for dinner, love?” She emitted a soft chuckle.

He tensed for a second at ‘love’. He didn’t think he could ever get used to this nickname. Taehyung released his arms and stepped back. Myeongeun felt the warmth fading suddenly therefore she looked back. She had seen Taehyung’s eyes with this particular expression before, knowing what was happening, she looked down. “Sorry,” she muttered.

“It’s not your fault,” Taehyung said, trying to sound reassuring, although deep down inside, in a little corner of his heart, he screamed ‘it’s your fault!’

Myeongeun slowly looked up to meet his eyes. By now, what was once a little corner of his heart has consumed the rest of his heart, making it clearly visible by his hardened expression. “I don’t-“ She was quickly cut off by him, “I’ll be at my office. I have some paperwork I need to do,” Taehyung didn’t dare to prolong this very much-hated conversation with Myeongeun, that Myeongeun knows. She bit her bottom lips and could only watch him disappearing into the office. At times like this, Myeongeun regretted agreeing with Taehyung to revamp the room into an office instead of a room for the baby.

He couldn’t face her and would always walk away. Always.

The rain got heavier, and the sound of it falling against the window becomes louder. She smiled at the rain as it seem to be comforting her from her heavy heart, and her eyes travelled to every part of the window, before stopping on the lower left corner. A picture, most likely old and dusty, and barely noticeable, was stuck to the window glass with pink bear stickers to hold it in place. Myeongeun’s smile widen in an instance. She remembered bickering with Taehyung when she used those stickers to stick the picture years ago. He said the stickers looked too childish, tacky, but Myeongeun defended they fit well with the interior of the apartment – which gives off a fun and refreshing vibe. Oh, the good old times.

Myeongeun was about to turn back and barge in Taehyung’s office, trying to make up but she halted when she saw who were in the picture. Four teenagers; her, Taehyung, and two people that were gone from her life forever. They were smiling brightly, arms slinging around each other’s shoulder. Behind them was a huge building, once was their safe place, namely school. It was their school annual festival that day, so they dressed up for the Halloween-themed café (which was weird cause it was held in April). She wore a cute baby pink bunny onesie, Taehyung wore a policeman suit, their best friend, Solbin, wore a sexy nurse outfit and Jimin… a pilot suit.

Jimin. Park Jimin. Solbin. Ahn Solbin. Both names resonated in Myeongeun’s mind, taking her down the unwanted memory lane.


Years, years, ago.

“Jin, Jin! Come here, they’re about to go on stage!” Solbin’s unusual high-pitched voice woke up Myeongeun from her trance. There are two reasons of why Solbin’s voice sounds so, very, chipmunk-y; 1) A totally out-of-this-world handsome, badass, troublesome looking guy just passed by, and 2) Something very exciting just happened. Myeongeun smiled at her friend, who was busy taking pictures of the festival’s stage.

It was a big day for the four best friends. Jimin and his band was going to perform for the opening act of the school’s yearly festival, and Taehyung was busy with the basketball game, being the game would determine which newcomers officially made it into the team. Myeongeun unknowingly grinned a little as she watched Solbin focusing her eyes on the camera, deciding whether she took good shots or not.

Well, that is pretty understandable as Solbin was never serious about anything, other than photography, that is. So Solbin focusing on something was a rare sight for Myeongeun.

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