Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile delinquency

Raising children is no easy task. Especially if you are a single parent such as myself. My daughter is 16 years old and at risk. It is hard to play the role of both parents, but through various activities and sports after school helps to reduce the number of juvenile delinquents.

Children need structure and rules. There are a couple of options in my home, The first option in my home is that my teens get involved in after school sports or an activity that will keep them busy. This gives them a chance to become part of a winning team with a support system to learn from and experience new things with. In addition, self esteem is another enrichment that comes from being a part of a team, it gives the kids a sense of self worth. Not only do they feel better and have a better image about themselves but they are part of a group and fit in. These activities are competitive and promote a positive image and thus attract peers and friends with similar qualities.

My daughter is involved with soccer and the track team at Huntington Beach high school. With these two activities she has just enough time to eat do homework and then off to bed.

If my kids choose not to become involved its okay, because option 2 comes into play . A list of choirs that should keep them busy until the next school year or two. Which incidently my kids hate. Without question I rarely have any problems with them electively choosing option 1.

Another practice of mine is that I take the time to get to know each and everyone of my kids friends. I hang out with them a little and visit with them and find out where their heads are at. I will get on their facebook pages and see what their posting for the whole world to see. Believe it or not you can learn a lot about someone by their facebook page.

I also have an open door policy…...