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STRENGTHS * Substantial market position * Powerful publishing alliances | WEAKNESSES * Inadequacy of Scale * Poor Financial Performance | OPPORTUNITIES * Viable ebook market * Strategic acquisitions * Launch of new journals | THREATS * Strong competition * Print publishing is declining * Variations in exchange rates |


John Wiley & Sons is one of the top leaders in research segment offering databases, research journals and materials, scholarly cases, clinical support material, lab manuals, a long side medical and scientific research material. Their research department allows for extensive market reach with other 260 million full text books and 500 000 journals being distributed through print and online sources. John Wiley & Sons is also a major leader in the professional development and talent management segment as well by offering, but not limited to, recruitment services and corporate online training guides. They continue to have a strong standing in the academic education sediment.

John Wiley & Sons has a massive market cap which has, and will enable future growth plans.

The alliances that John Wiley & Sons has been able to create have a significant impact on their success and growth potential. Such alliances will increase the impact of research materials, these include the American Cancer Society, The British Journal of Surgery Society, The American Heart Association, European Molecular Biology Organization. They have also been able to create strong alliances to help build their education segment with Blackboard, Microsoft and the Culinary Institute of America.

The strongest alliances and most impactful are the most recent in April 2013. John Wiley & Sons signed agreements with TEMIS, which allowed them to build their technical, medical and scientific education sector. They also signed a major agreement with Udemy for Organizations (UFO), working with their online learning programs including work with For Dummies, Wrox and Sybex, which are all huge leaders in the online learning segment.


The company lacks economy of scale compared to the competitors. Making only $ 1760.8 Million in 2013, John Wiley & Sons falls short compared to Reed Elsevier’s revenues that reached a high $9 440 million and Pearson’s $7 929 million. Due to the lack of scale, John Wiley & Sons may find it hard to compete with market prices.

John Wiley & Sons lost 1.2% in revenue in comparison to their past year in 2012. Their net profit also declined from $199.5 Million to $144.2 Million, respectfully. The company also faces major debt which has recently increased from $475 Million to $673 Million in 2013.
Looking at these financials, shareholders may potentially lose trust in the company, thus affect their ability to grow.

Over the past couple of years, readers have been seeking a new way to conveniently read books, therefor leading to the increase in Ebook sales. Statistics from the Ebook industry has stated that in 2017 ebooks sales will increase from 9% of book sales to 22%. The educational market has also been steadily growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 1% per period. This means that within the future years the ebook industry will make up the majority of all book sales.

Not only has John Wiley & Sons made many publishing alliances, their strategic acquisitions have a huge impact on their future success. Recently buying FIZ Chemie Berlin (online databases for organic &Industrial chemists), Efficient Learning Systems (ELS) (an e-learning system provider for professional finance and accounting), Harlan Davidson (HDI)( small family-owned publishing company) and Inscape Holdings (Training and Disc based systems). Due to the nature of these acquisitions around the world, this will allow for John Wiley & Sons to reach future growth plans and increase their brand name.


Competing in a very competitive industry, John Wiley & Sons must keep a close watch on prices (With low financial performance this may prove to be hard), author reputation, formats and subject matters, availability and revised books. John Wiley & Sons biggest competitors are Scholastic, Pearson, Reed Elsevier, and McGraw Hill.

With such intense competition John Wiley & Sons must focus on retaining their existing customers by keeping a close eye on changing purchasing habits, as well as, gaining new customers by offering variety and timely availability. Failure to do so can lead to a stay still in growth and even the potential for further decline in profits.

Due to technology, there has been a significant decline in print publishing demand. With a steady industry decline, the compounded annual rate change is a negative 4%. John Wiley & Sons is very dependent on their print sales for the majority of their sales. With the steady decline for demand, they may find a negative impact on their revenues and sales.

John Wiley & Sons operates globally and has recently gained many acquisitions. Doing business world wide poses the threat of consistently changing exchange rates. These exchange rates include that of Euros, Australian, Canadian, and British Sterling. Fluctuating exchange rates can have a major impact on cash flow.

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