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K to 12 Classroom Management Strategies: Their Impact on Student Academic Performance

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The classroom is the place bounded by the wall and roof which teachers houses their students for the purpose of giving instruction to their students. In other words, it is a place where teachers and students engage in discussion. To some teachers, classroom teaching is a complex process in a complex environment whereas to others, classroom teaching is like rearing their own children in their own home. The classroom is an immediate environment where management is applied in order for students to acquire formal knowledge. It is made up of the teacher, students, learning devices, and the learning environment.
Management, on the other hand, can be seen as a process of designing and maintaining any setting in which people work in groups for the purpose of achieving common goals. The Oxford Dictionary defines management as the act of running or controlling or skill of dealing with people or situations in any way. Loomiz (1980) defined management as a method where a group of people at the highest level of organization plan, organize, communicate, coordinate, control and direct the actions and activities of people who work for the organization toward the achievement of organizational objectives. In the school setting, in order to achieve its aims, a school has to have objectives, and to achieve these objectives, the various people with responsibilities in the school, especially in the classroom have to plan organize and lead.
Classroom management is the term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that the classroom lessons runs smoothly despite disruptive behavior of the students. Many authors have their own definitions of classroom management and most of them agreed that it is a process of maintaining and establishing effective learning environment.
Classroom management strategies changes through times....

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