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1. The United States response to events in China during the last years of the 19th century was to

a. send an American gunboat to force the Manchu dynasty to capitulate. b. request equal trading privileges and announce the desire to preserve China's territorial integrity. c. bomb the capital until Chinese terrorists surrendered. d. send covert aid to the Harmonious Righteous Fists in an effort to overthrow the anti-Western Manchu empress.

2. The Roosevelt Corollary

a. claimed that the United States had the right to act as a policeman in Latin America to keep order and prevent chronic wrongdoing. b. was issued to justify the role the United States played in ending the Russo-Japanese War. c. reversed that part of the Monroe Doctrine that stated the United States would not intervene in European affairs. d. demanded that Germany pay reparations for the sinking of the Lusitania.

3. A practical demonstration of the principles that Theodore Roosevelt announced to Congress in December 1904 can be seen in events in the Dominican Republic, where the United States

a. supported a revolution to oust the repressive dictator and institute a liberal democracy. b. operated the customs service and took over the management of the foreign debt. c. supervised the election of the first free-elected president of the nation. d. invited two rival powers to a peace conference at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

4. The "gentlemen's agreement" was an

a. understanding between Theodore Roosevelt and J. P. Morgan on regulation of the trusts. b. agreement between the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, and Germany on the territorial integrity of China. c. agreement between Woodrow Wilson and William Jennings Bryan over the formulation of foreign policy. d. arrangement…...

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