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Questions 1. Using this case and the cultural dimensions explored in this chapter, discuss some of the ways in which citizens of Australia and New Zealand are members of cultures very different from any other in Asia. Although Australia and New Zealand are very close and geographically a part of Asia they have many differences that separate them from most of Asia. For example in Indonesia it is a higher priority to develop a long-term relationship to produce a profit than it is in Australia or New Zealand. How first contacts are made, how deals are closed, and how time is managed are just a few of the differences between Australia, New Zealand, and the majority of Asia. By analyzing Hofstede’s four value dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, and masculinity we can understand just how different these two countries are from Asia. 2. In what respects is the Indonesian archipelago unique in Asia? Indonesia is unique in several ways. One example is that Indonesia is continues to open up its markets to world enterprise while the majority of Asia is pulling back. There is a great imbalance of social power in Indonesia and it is the world’s fourth most populous country. Indonesia has very strong nationalistic ties and feelings throughout the country. 3. What characteristics of Indonesian workplaces are referred to in this profile? Some characteristics include sensitivity to the employee needs. Business relationships are very maternal in that managers take care of their employees like they would their family. Often time’s employees in Indonesia fear that if they deliver bad news they will be blamed for it. Finally many employees practice self-control so any anger they feel is hidden and therefore problems are not addressed when they need to be. 4. How does the population appear to be socially stratified? The population numbers over 230 million with 60 % living on the...

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