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PROJ | MODEL | TYPE | STRUCTURAL | ELECTRICAL | EXT. PAINTING | INT. PAINTING | GLASS WINDOW | CARPENTRY & TILE WORKS | Concrete Moulding | Steel Railings | Private Pole | | | | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | OLD | ADJUSTED | kansas | JANUARY | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 6,974.00 | - | 90,094.00 | - | 60,508.25 | - | 11,444.75 | 23,000.00 | 24,800.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | FEBRUARY | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 6,818.80 | - | 51,150.00 | - | 55,000.00 | - | 10,500.00 | 17,000.00 | 18,300.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | MARCH | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 4,527.50 | - | 42,315.00 | - | 40,000.00 | - | 620.00 | 15,000.00 | 16,200.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | APRIL | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 3,847.83 | - | 42,315.00 | - | 40,000.00 | - | 526.93 | 15,000.00 | 16,200.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | MAY | | | 100,000.00 | | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | | 3,065.12 | | 42,315.00 | | 40,000.00 | | 419.74 | 15,000.00 | 16,200.00 | | 1,200.00 | | JUNE | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 4,644.60 | - | 34,100.00 | - | 30,000.00 | - | 820.00 | 7,900.00 | 8,500.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | JULY | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 3,076.65 | - | 34,100.00 | - | 30,000.00 | - | 660.08 | 7,900.00 | 8,500.00 | - | 1,200.00 | | AUGUST | | - | 100,000.00 | - | 15,000.00 | - | 13,000.00 | - | 2,331.25 | - | 34,100.00 | - | 30,000.00 | - | 500.16 | 7,900.00 | 8,500.00 | - | 1,200.00 |

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