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Kao Kalia Yang's The Latehomecomer

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While reading The Latehomecomer, I experienced many different emotions. It was an emotional learning experience. Yang’s story was extremely rich and touching. I was awestruck by her beautiful story and spent many nights fighting myself to put the book down in order to savor its beauty. Yang has a beautiful talent and I am so grateful that she shared the story of the Hmong and her family.
I have a special appreciation for Yang’s willingness to offer Hmong history to her audience; her openness and eloquent honesty were in stark contrast to the ways her family was constantly made to feel unwelcome in the United States. As a first-person narrator, Yang offers points of view that are considerably different from any other memoir I have read. She has a special talent for writing and certainly blew me away.
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Before reading this memoir I knew very little about the Hmong people. I knew that Saint Paul, Minnesota the place I call home is also home to many Hmong people. However, previously I didn’t know the history/background of the Hmong people or about the struggles they faced in their journey to America and the struggles they still continue to face today in

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