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Kaplan It521 Unit 3

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Unit 3: IT521: Decision Support Systems

Jessica Brown
IT 521
Kaplan University

Even the best-organized data will become overwhelming to analyze with vast amounts of data especially for those not adverse in analytics. This was the problem for New York City Mayor’s Management Report (MMR), which offers indicators from city agencies to gauge performance. To solve this problem they decided to develop a Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) system. The current Mayor of New York in 2008, Michael R. Bloomberg, stated the City was developing a performance measurement tool that would help make the workings of government transparent to all citizens and ensure that city agencies are accountable for their performance.() The CPR will eliminate the mystery about where and what kinds of performance information are available and increases accountability to its customers.

The CPR was launched in February 2008 as an pioneering methodology to interactive, transparent performance management. The agencies involved in the implementation of the CPR dashboard were the Mayor’s Office of Operations in consultation with the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. CPR identifies where service delivery by more than 40 City agencies is trending in a positive or negative direction in an easy-to-use snapshot format. The following are the incentives of the CRP taken from NYC CPR At-A-Glance:

* Tracks performance for the most important "outcome" measures - those directly reflecting how government affects citizens’ lives. Many of these measures are being reported for the first time and represent fresh thinking about how to measure the outcomes each agency is responsible for. * Measures performance by comparing current data to data for the same period the year before, thereby holding agencies accountable for year over year improvement. * Makes

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