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Abbreviations/Definitions Code of Conduct and Ethics for Students Important Academic Rules Scheme of Studies Important Notes Detailed Syllabus

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Lingaya’s University, Faridabad

"AC" means, Academic Council of the University. "BOM" means, the Board of Management of the University. "BOS" means, the Board of Studies of the Department. “CAU/AUC-option” CAU/AUC means change from Credit to Audit option / change from Audit to Credit option "Class/Course Committee" means, the Class/Course Committee of a class/course. "Course" means, a specific subject usually identified by its course-number and course-title, with a specified syllabus / course-description, a set of references, taught by some teacher(s) / course- instructor(s) to a specific class (group of students) during a specific academic-semester / semester. “Course Instructor" means, the teacher or the Course Instructor of a Course. "Curriculum" means the set of Course-Structure and Course-Contents. "DAA" means, the Dean of Academic Affairs. “DAAB” means Departmental Academic Appeals Board. “DEC/PEC” means Dissertation Evaluation Committee / Project Evaluation committee. “Department” means a group in the University devoted to a specific discipline also called a School. Department and School are used interchangeably. "DSA" means, Dean Student Affairs. “ESE” means End-Semester Examination “EYE” means End-Year Examination. "Faculty Advisor/Class Counsellor” means, the Faculty Advisor or the Panel of Faculty Advisors, in a Parent Department, for a group (admission-batch) of students. Also known as Class Counsellor. “Grade Card” means the detailed performance record in a semester/ programme. "He" means both genders “he” and “she”; similarly "his" and/or "him" includes "her" as well, in all the cases. "HOD" means, the Head of the Department. “MLC”...

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