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Karen Agustiawan Leadership

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Women Leadership, had been a very interesting topic to be emphasized on. As we know the progress of woman’s workforce in the United States is that 40% women occupy the position of managerial position, only 6% position in Fortune 500 companies Top Executives were occupied by women, and only 2% of CEOs are women.

So many career bariers for woman. Not to mention the obligation to taking care of family responsibility that made it slower for the career progress. Unexplained gender gap which is consistent with wage discrimination (women earned about 44% less than men, GAO research), discrimination which affect promotions at all career level (promotion comes slowly for women than for woman with equivalent qualifications), resistant to women leadership (double bind between two set of association : communal and agentic qualities. Communal convey a compassionate treatment to other, while agentic qualities convey assertion and control), also underinvestment in social capital since it is hard to breaking into an influential network as a small minority.
One best example of Indonesian Women leader is Karen Agustiawan. Why we choose her as our topic is because of her footprint in Indonesia’s business world. 1. No. 1 Asia’s 50 Power Business women Forbes magazine version.
Forbes magazine generate a comprehensive list of Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen as an appreciation to the dynamic environment that the Women leader had created which successfully enhanced economic growth in respective country, not only within specific industry but had inspired other women leader to follow her success attitude. The list was generated based on their role in profit makers company’s management. Karen was chosen as number one from that list.

2. First Woman who became PERTAMINA's CEO.
Karen became the Director of Pertamina in the year of 2009 and expected to solve the complication...

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