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October 26th, 2011

Aerial Capital Group (ACG) Organization Case Study

This report is completed by Group 7 with five members all pursuing their Master of Engineering – Coursework degree. The organization was chosen with the consent of every member of the group and further each member was assigned an area to study to help contribute to the case study. Constant project meetings were held to make progressive outcomes for this case study updating information database from what had been accomplished since the last meeting and setting further tasks towards the final target. All references of published projects, data and facts had been verified before they were cited in this report.

All members of the group contributed to the composition of this report. The task taken by each group members are as follows :

Ravi Ochani worked on the details about the organization, its operational process and Scheduling techniques.
Alaxandar Anandhan took up environmental background(internal & external) and Quality management followed in organization.
Anith Abraham involved himself with the HR & Job Design and problem identification relating to the key 10 OM’s.
Karthik Krishnanath was assigned with the Service Design, Inventory management and maintenance involved in the organization.
Allah Bux took up the Layout and Location strategy.
The solutions were discussed as a team and everyone’s opinion was considered before entering in to the report. Formatting and compilation of the report was done by Karthik and Alaxandar while Proof reading was done by Ravi and Anith.

We hereby declare that by submission of this report: * No part of this work has been copied from any other person’s work except where due acknowledgement is made in the text; and * No part of this work has been written by any other...

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