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Kate Chopin


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Kate Chopin

In the late 1800’s marriage was known to be a male-dominated union. Women submitted to their men in all aspects of life, never speaking of the unhappiness that soon followed their marriages. Today society rarely speaks of discontent in the household, so writers express silent feelings through stories. Authors incorporate personal factuality or experience into the literary piece. In “The Storm”, author Kate Chopin, through character Calixta, relates marital problems, unsettled desires, companion necessities, and destiny to subdue persistent memories.

Most evidently, Kate Chopin uses marital distress between Calixta and Bibinot to reflect on discreet complications throughout her own marriage. Critical author, Emily Toth states “Evidently no one described any marital discord in the Chopin household, but, then, Southerners rarely reveal secrets of the human heart to outsiders”(163). Like Calixta, obstacles were never noticeable, instead, shielded by temporary bliss. After Alcee offered Calixta a “sensual gift,” Bobinot offers her an equal gift but on that represents his different personality, “I brought you some shrimps, Calixta…Shrimps! Oh, Bobinot! You too good fo’ anything!...we’ll have feas’ to night!”(99). Here the audience understands voluntary submission. Though Bobinot “treated” her to intimate gifts rather than sexually stimulating ones, Calixta was perfectly content with Bobinots loving and devoted meaner.

One apparent connection between Chopin and the story is vigorous sensual desires. Critical Author James Rocks, exposes Chopin’s obscure cravings for pleasure, disregarding her wifely responsibilities.
"Her attitude toward marriage is essentially traditional-at times, one hesitates to say, even sentimental—and although such excellent works go so far as to question the institution of marriage, particularly for the woman who is not

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