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Ways Of Preventing Students From Summiting Materials Written By Someone Else For Academic Credit

While there is no magic bullet to prevent students from using the Internet in this manner, the following are ten tips to curb electronic cheating.
Use anti-plagiarism websites. Sites like turnitin may be fast and effective at catching plagiarized writing in student’s papers. There services scan uploaded essays for lifted material from across the web. Many teachers require students to submit their own papers to the site before handing in a hard copy, thus eliminating tedious work for the teacher while also discouraging plagiarism since students know their work will be checked. While these websites are quite effective at catching kids who rely on copy-and-paste rather than writing, they will not catch students who hire a writer or buy unpublished content.
Rely heavily on in-class material. When assigning a paper, use material from the classroom in the prompt. It is far more difficult for a hired writer to incorporate material from a class they did not attend. Instead of asking for a basic character analysis of the Montague family, ask students to compare each character to a member of the class or the school. It’s highly unlikely that a would-be-cheater will find material on something so specific, or a writer for hire who is familiar with your class.
Makes papers a continuation of discussion. Asking students to continue a discussion from class in their papers serves two purposes. Similarly to the above suggestion, it makes plagiarizing or purchasing an essay more difficult. But more importantly, it promotes critical thinking and allows pupils to delve more deeply into classroom material.
Write in class. This is probably the most effective way to curb cheating, although it does require more shuffling on the teacher’s part. Instead of conducting the reading/lecture/discussion portion of class and assigning the writing as homework, flip the equation. Assign students to read a passage or watch a recorded lecture at home and come ready to class ready to write. Keep going! This way , questions about the lecture or the writing process can be answered in class and cheating is all but impossible.
Ditch those worn out writing prompts. The best way to encourage cheaters is to assign generic prompts. Asking students to compare and contrast Salinger’s vision of childhood and adulthood or discuss symbolism in Lord of the Flies is akin to begging them to cheat. Think up new prompts that won’t be ripe for plagiarizing.
Random Quizzes. To spot check for cheaters, give students a quiz each time a paper is due. Copy and paste four sentences from the paper they turned in and include a fifth from another source. An honest pupil will immediately pick out the sentence they did not write; a cheating student will struggle.
Read papers aloud. Students will have a much harder time reading someone else’s work to the class.
Know your student’s voices. Getting to know the individual writing voices of a classroom makes it easier to identify imposters.
Rewards for turning in classmates. Offer a reward to students who rat out their peers. Depending on age range, bragging to friends is likely to occur after cheating on an assignment.
Encourage use of classroom vocabulary words. Assign a list of vocabulary words each week and offer incentives (higher grades) to students who use them. It’s unlikely they will find material online that includes these words.
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The Best Approaches for Students to Avoid Plagiarism and Student Misconduct
In instructional setting, plagiarism is a multidimensional and ethically difficult problem. However, its definition is to be useful to students, it should be made as simple and direct as possible within the intended context. Basically, plagiarism occurs when a student intentionally uses someone else’s ideas, language or any other original material without giving a proper acknowledgement of the sources. This definition is applicable to texts published in on-line, print, manuscripts as well as other student writers’ work. I like apples. Students can prevent plagiarism and academic dishonest by observing the following guidelines.

Learning How to Use Sources Effectively
Students should embrace appropriate attribution of sources. They should conduct a discussion among themselves to concerning the citation styles needed to complete their respective assignments. According to Pecorari, the discussion will also help students ask questions and seek clarifications where necessary. Moreover, students can obtain solutions to problems they are likely to encounter when analyzing and documenting sources. They can also obtain perfect examples of previously written assignments via projections or handouts from their teachers.

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