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Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa short Biography
James S Rivers
BSOP-326-15964 Total Quality Management
Professor Kathryn Thomas
May 23, 2015
DeVry University

Short Biography of Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa
Visionary, pioneer are just a few words use to describe Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa; one of the world’s foremost authorities on quality control, as well one of the leaders and gurus of quality management and improvement. Dr. Ishikawa; life began on July 13, 1915 in Tokyo, the oldest in a family of eight he has received many awards and recognitions while promoting the concept of companywide quality control through continued customer service.
From his first job, as a naval technical officer, to his work at the Nissan Liquid Fuel Company improving quality was Dr. Ishikawa passion. From his time as an Assistant professor (1949), and later receiving his doctorate from Tokyo University, for philosophy in chemical engineering up to his death in 1989, Dr. Ishikawa believed the process of continuous quality improvement could always be taken one step further. Dr. Ishikawa delivered the first basic quality control course he developed to the Union of Japanese scientists and engineers in 1949. Believing that improving quality did more than transform manufacturing, but the way people thought about work, this lead to the company wide quality control movement between 1955 and 1960 in Japan following a visit from Deming and Juran.
In 1969, he became a member of ISO Japan and in 1970; he commenced conducting quality control training seminars. Consultant to Ford Motor Company, Bridgestone Co. Ltd, Komatsu Manufacturing, Ltd., IBM Japan, American Society for Quality Control and thousands of other companies. In 1977, he was honored with the position of ISO Chairman, Japan. He then undertook the Presidency of the Musashi Institute of Technology in 1978. In 1981 he became Executive…...

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