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Keep It Spinning Records

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Keeping It Spinning Records
Imani Sisco
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Table of Contents

Proposal 3

Information Systems Table 4

Information Systems Overview Summary 5


Keeping it Spinning Records will give a wide range of customer’s different types of music that they can purchase. Whether it is from the past, present, country, hip hop or opera, keeping it spinning records will touch every type of music lover. Not only will we be able to sell brand new products in our store, we will also give customers a chance to sell some of their unwanted music to us. The business will be a sort of recycling music business constantly having what the competitor does not. We will offer products online for customers that would like to download our music to their MP3’s or computer for a small price. This way we are cornering the market on all opportunities from face to face sales to our internet sales.

If we want our business to be successful there are a few different types of information systems that will assist us in the following functional areas: * Create activity reports * Track credit card sales * Handle payroll processing * Assist with maintaining the record stores’ budget

The information systems will help us make our business successful against our competitors as long as we stay true to our plan.

Information Systems Table

TYPE | FUNCTION | EXAMPLE | Management Information Systems | Produces reports summarized from transaction data | Drafts reports on total sales from each customer | Expert System | Mimics human expertise in a particular area and makes a decision | Credit card approval analysis | Executive Dashboard | Presents structured, summarized information about aspects of business important to executives | Tracks the status of sales by the product | Decision Support System |...

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