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Ever since I first started to go to school I found myself loosing focus in class, the only time I paid attention was when we watched a movie or there was some sort of interaction involved. When I was in middle school I was introduced to computers and I felt something that I had not felt before, I was being challenged more and at the same time I was gaining knowledge that would help me later on in school and personal life. Technology is advancing at a great pace, and newer generations are starting to grasp technology at an early age. Paul's article is very flawed and it has a very close minded point and I disagree with her because technology is the future and if we teach children at early ages to master it they will be more productive in life, not to mention more productive in the classrooms as well.
Technology is present in every aspect of our lives and it has a very strong impact on our daily routine. Kids nowadays have a lot of electronic devices such as; iPod, ipads, mp3 players, smart phones, etc. as well as having technology in school like computer labs and online classes. In her article the author, Annie Murphy Paul, and development psychologist from UCLA Patricia Greenfield, explore the impact of technology in schools and Greenfield claims that “There is the formal education that young people receive in school, she maintains, and the “informal education” they receive through their devices.” The formal education is of course the classroom lecture in the school's curriculum that we are all going through in college but the informal is all of the information we gather from out time on the internet. When we are just surfing the web and there is so much information that we might start with important research but we end up goggling if penguins have knees just because we can. Technology is helping shape the people of tomorrow and it should...

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