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Keeping the Human Is Human Resources

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From small to large organizations, the functions of a human resource department are an essential piece in helping organize and manage the personnel that helps to keep an organization running. A Human resource department performs functions that encompass a variety of activities. Significantly influencing all areas of an organization such as Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection, conducting job analyses to establish the specific requirements of individual jobs within the organization, and forecasting the human resource requirements the organization needs to achieve its objectives just to name a few. In just recruiting alone the human resources department has a duty to also look at retention rates, complaints and terminations of employees which allow them to analyze as to what programs work and what do not. Human Resource Research utilizing human resource information database are able to conduct surveys, utilize questionnaires with direct and indirect control questions, or just take a show of hands to determined. If current systems work, what the employees want verses what the employer needs, and establish a system that will benefit not only the employer but also the employees. The examination of eight various articles will look at the various research methods that are used to manage human capital, how they work and how there is room for improvement.

Purpose Statement This paper will describe various research methods that are used to determine the validly of human resource methodology and how it is used to determine the effectiveness of managing human capital within a human resource department.

A research question with a justification of its viability Can human resources take into account...

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