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Kelly Services Inc.

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Kelly Services, Inc.
999 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48084
December 2, 2012

Mr. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President
People Operations
Google, Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Dear Mr. Bock:

You’re invited to join 90% of Fortune 500 companies that have streamlined human resource management while maintaining a high performing workforce.

We at Kelly Services are making this offer because we know it’s hard for growing companies to process job applicants and continue recruiting top talent while controlling expenses. Adapting the hiring process to meet the needs of a large company requires a special approach. Recruiting efforts must be coordinated to avoid wasted endeavors. Outsourcing projects is a consideration to limit rising recruiting cost.

To add complexity, offering a broad spectrum of products and services on a global scale requires workers with various skill sets in multiple countries around the world. It is necessary to fill specific positions, while juggling the need to maintain equal opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds. Geographic and cultural barriers can make it hard to source qualified workers.

Kelly Services understands the issues facing Google and knows the difficulties involved in managing human resources in a large organization without an experienced partner. That is why we are offering our proven expertise, which has won multiple awards from successful companies such as Chrysler, Ford, Intel, and DuPont.

Our customers receive numerous benefits.

* Assist with hiring staff: At Kelly we realize Google has an enormous number of job applicants and a desire to identify the best workers possible. We can increase the efficiency of your hiring process by pre-screening job candidates and providing temporary workers that you can evaluate before making permanent hiring decisions.

* Consolidate recruiting: Using a large number of independent recruiters to source potential job candidates can be hard to manage. We can help you consolidate recruiting under one company to cut the cost of administration and reduce the complexity of paperwork and billing.

* Supply outsourced workers: Utilizing outsourcing services can be especially beneficial as a company grows in size and the cost of employee compensation and benefits rises. As an outsourcing supplier, we can help you reduce operational costs and maintain control over core business functions, while still delivering high quality products and services.

* Deliver a diverse workforce: Continuous innovation requires a steady stream of talented workers with many different abilities. We have expertise sourcing almost 700,000 employees annually in a variety of industries including business, marketing, accounting, engineering, and information technology.

* Meet global demands: Sourcing workers around the world presents a unique set of challenges. We have 2,500 offices in 26 countries ready to offer assistance on a global level.

Kelly Services can be a valuable resource in maximizing the potential of your People Operations. I would be delighted to discuss these benefits with you further and to answer all of your questions. There is no commitment involved in talking with me and it’s the easiest way I can assist you. Please call me today at (248) 362-4444.


Carl T. Camden
President and CEO

To: Sherry Buell
From: Joe Hehir, Daniel Hetman, Charles Martin, Chanel Pompey, Nathan Ritchie, and Kevin Tocco
Date: 12/2/2012
Re: English 227 group project Part 2 team member participation
Enclosed is a report of team member participation during Part 2 of the group project, which you requested we submit no later than 12/2/2012. In the report, you will find a breakdown of what each team member contributed to Part 1 of the group project.

 Joe Hehir
Reviewed and commented on the draft sales letter and visual aid.
Helped choose what type of data to display in the visual aid and conducted research to find this data.

 Daniel Hetman
Created the visual aid and incorporated it into the sales letter.

 Charles Martin
 Chanel Pompey
Wrote team participation memo.
Reviewed the draft sales letter and visual aid.

 Nathan Ritchie
Wrote the sales letter draft.
Reviewed and commented on the visual aid.
Organized and lead the group.

 Kevin Tocco
Reviewed and commented on the sales letter draft.
Compiled draft comments into one final document
All members have worked well in their roles and participated. This report lists everyone’s participation to be submitted for grading.

Thank you,
Group C

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