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Today, different kinds of problems were encountered by the world. We cannot deny that everyone was a reason for all of these worst destructions of humanity. And I do believe that it is also everyone that can help in changing and molding the world to become a better place to live in for the future generations. I, Jhon Kenneth Alejandre, know that this world could be the place for the youth of today. We can all gather up and be one as we continue to prove the importance of youth to this world and as we develop our ways of youth empowerment.
Through youth empowerment or the structural process, young ones like me, regardless of social status, will gain the ability; authority and agency that could help us make decisions for our own lives. This would not only improve our youth of today, but would also be the key to intergenerational equity, civic engagement and democracy building.
Youth is a big influence to the lives of many. The young people are the valuables of this world. We are the builders, the changers. Just like what our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” It is us, the youth that were entrusted by our ancestors to give a better and improved life to the next generations. We would be the gateway for improvement. Let us help each other in creating a productive society for the world. If we are not going to act right now, who will?
No one can take the place of the youth in this world. We are living not only for our own sake but also for the sake of many. Let us not deny it any longer, most of us strives hard in constructing our own self-concepts to create the real us. Maybe also everyone who is young and had been young knows that these creations of new ideas are strongly influenced by several variables such as peers, lifestyle, culture and gender. And these things made it harder for us to fit in and find a place in this world. With such distractions and disappointments, we tend to take a path that is falling into madness. Most of the youth today became juvenile delinquents. Most of us had chosen to become drug and alcohol addicts. Some were now part of the ‘underworld,’ trying to gamble their lives for money. It is really hard for me to say it, but it is reality. There are lots of kids out there who are being used by syndicates to get money. There are lots of young ones who can’t manage to go to school because of poverty. There are lots of kids on the streets taking alcohol drinks and different kinds of drugs just to ease their hunger. There are lots of children like us that are slowly dying because of the bad influences. Where is the key to hope that Rizal had once said?
It is really hard to regain a lively society back. But let us not take away the fact that there is still a God that thought us to fight for a better future. It is true that youth had fallen apart, but it isn’t the end. We still have today to help the others find the path that God has chosen them to have. We are living for a reason and that is to hope for the best. This is not going to end here. Any person right here listening to me could be part of this change. All of us can stand and work as one. No matter how hard the challenges are, anything could be done if we’re working together. We, the youth, shall complete the task that was entrusted to us. Our fresh minds and pure hearts can retrieve the beauty of this world. Let us not stop hoping for a better place because we all know that our government is right back at us. The whole is supporting the youth to accomplish our advocacies in order to give humanity what it needs- TRUST and LOVE.

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