Kennedy’s New Frontier

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Kennedy’s New Frontier
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Kennedy’s Domestic and Foreign Policies
President Kennedy was partly successful in accomplishing his vision of a ‘New Frontier’ both domestically and abroad.
President Kennedy introduced Civil Rights Act, to further the Civil Rights movement; due to his assassination, Kennedy never lived to see this act pass (which happened, during the Johnson administration, in 1963). Kennedy strived to develop the nation’s economy in a way that would benefit employers and employees; when Big Steel broke part of an informal bargain (by sharply raising prices), Kennedy called for an investigation and redirected governmental steel purchases to the smaller companies that had not raised prices (Davisson-Gienapp-Heyrman-Lytle-Stoff, 2005). Additionally, President Kennedy created the Peace Corps, initiated the ‘space race’ (which put a man on the moon in 1969), advocated on mental health issues, and worked with Congress on affordable housing, equal pay for women, and a host of other agendas.
President Kennedy was in office at the height of the Cold War, and though there was much to do in the United States, there were many conflicts that added foreign agenda. The covert invasion at the Bay of Pigs resulted in a “mismanaged disaster” and the same covert approach taken in Vietnam left the United States in the middle of a “Vietnamese civil war”. In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis left the United States in the “peril of nuclear confrontation” when spy planes discovered Soviet offensive missile sites in Cuba. The end of this crisis came when the exchange agreement was reached with Russia to remove the sites in Cuba and the United States would not invade Russia’s ally (Davisson-Gienapp-Heyrman-Lytle-Stoff,…...

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