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profits and gain market share over major competitors. ( insert graph ).

Linking to the CSF’s mentioned, Kettle Chips should invest in a new newspaper advert in order to connect with consumers and create awareness of the new healthy product but also the increase in their sustainability. The Company could also invest in giving out samples in stores. This would allow a PR of the company to inform the consumer about the product (Knowledge), the consumers would be able to try it (Feelings), and the PR would be able to see the reaction of the customer to the advertising and the actual product ( Behaviour) (Page 286 graph). This could even act as a marketing research for the future.

Place is the ’company activities that make the product available to customers’ (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010, p76). (Baines et al, 2013) provide a channel structure model which identifies Kettle Chips as having a ‘’hybrid’’ channel structure where They sell directly to retailers, particularly large national grocery store and drug store chains, and indirectly through wholesale distributors to independent and small regional retail grocery store chains and convenience stores. They also sell Kettle Chips to mass merchandisers, club stores, convenience stores and through other retail channels (page 336).

In reference to the identified CSF, where the company is to develop a dried Fruit/Nut snack, Kettle Chips could maintain the channel of distribution but start selling to different places such as gyms or health centers. This would diversify the company target consumers and segment, and hopefully give access to the product to consumers who were not interested in crisps and prefer healthier option.

Extra 3 P’s
Physical Evidence
Physical Evidence refers to the ‘environment in which the service is delivered.’...

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