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Key Concepts of Employment Conflict Resolution

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Employment Conflict Management Worksheet

Musa Aydemir

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Employment Conflict Management Concepts Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your Organization

Imbalanced power County government is shaken by a major reorganization as recently-elected County Clerk of Court Stan Accord follows through on a campaign promise of ‘efficiency and accountability’ by eliminating 15 jobs in the office of County Clerk of Court. Accord has eliminated all the jobs associated with data records management and computer systems, replacing them with contracted services from a competitive bid. One of the more controversial layoffs is Deputy Clerk of Court Dennis Munger, who has had a strained relationship with County Clerk Accord since Accord beat Munger in last November’s election.
Accord says that Munger’s position, like all county employees, is an “at will” job with no job protection, and that he has violated no statutes or employee rights in eliminating the jobs, including Munger‘s. "In most relationships, there are times when the participants become aware of discrepancies in their relative power with one another. If one party has more power than the other, the conflict is unbalanced; many of the choices the parties then make are attempts to alter these imbalances. Keep in mind that who has power is always a relative judgment—each party has sources of power even during times of power imbalance. Such power asymmetries have predictable effects on both the higher-and lower-power parties, and the imbalance produces systemwide effects on the relationship".(Wilmot & Hocker Ch. 4) I worked for a while as a server and did everything possible to keep my job. And, despite the fact I worked very hard, I was fired for no reason, which is an indication of unjustified power given to a...

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